Introducing Earthmade Organix, a range of preservative free,
artificial flavor free products made with the freshest ingredients.
The result is naturally, delicious.

Coconut Water

A certified organic beverage, Tender Coconut Water has no added sugar or preservatives.


A certified range of hummus with the perfect balance of taste


A delectable range of preservative free dips made with the freshest ingredients


A unique range of Relish made with the finest ingredients offering an experience of its kind


Everything that goes into the Earthmade product is selected to match the highest quality standards. We procure the finest ingredients from across the world to achieve this.

We share complete information in what is going inside the product, which you can clearly find listed on pack.

We are always thinking of new ways to make everything and everyday taste better. Our intent is to give you a unique experience with every product

We stay away from using any added preservatives, artificial flavor and colors. We source responsibly to give you clean products.

We promise to be honestly delicious.

All our honest efforts have gone into making the tastiest, preservatives free and highest quality product for you. We have procured the finest ingredients from across the world to achieve this.

Our certified Organic range of products contain maximum Organic ingredients and have the prefix ‘Organic’ to the product name. However, in certain products sourcing all Organic ingredients is not possible because of lack of availability, in such cases our brand promise is that even if we cannot source Organic ingredients we will never use artificial flavours, preservatives or colours. We will also clearly mention the Organic ingredients we have used in the ingredient list on the pack so that you are always aware of what is organic in the product.

Our intention is to have a transparent, trustful & honest relation with you, after all, there’s nothing more palatable than honesty.

We hope you find the Earthmade Organix product range truly delicious.

Earthmade Organix